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E Park & Sons - Solar PV

E Park & Sons – Solar PV

End Client: E Park & Sons

Main Client: RE4B

The Challenge

E Park & Sons Ltd, faced the all too familiar challenge of tackling ever-rising energy costs. Changing attitudes of supermarkets and UK’s major PLCs required the client to demonstrate industry leadership by investing in renewable energy. They wanted to pursue green initiatives and achieve the ‘eco’ expectations of current & potential customers – They chose Square 4 Services (SQ4S) for a solar PV installation.

The building & business activity created many unique challenges. The 24-hour site has a one-way traffic system which could not be disrupted by deliveries of materials for the installation.  The magnitude of the Solar PV system, one of the North’s largest on-roof installations, meant stringent structural surveys were undertaken to ensure the buildings were capable of supporting the additional 54 tonne weight loading. The size of the system also impacted on the grid connection, as the local electricity connection needed upgrading to cope with the additional generation from the Solar PV system.

The Solution

The process started like any other, with a site assessment applying the SQ4S unique ‘energy cost reduction programme’ approach. The programme identifies energy cost reduction opportunities for businesses that best suit the individual site needs. RE4B listened to the needs of the client and consequently designed, supplied and installed the turn-key project on time and to budget.

To balance the needs of both the client and the grid operator, a phased approach was taken which also maximised the available tariffs which are locked in for 20 years.

The project was delivered by the SQ4S team, co-ordinating the supply chain to ensure materials availability, the local DNO to schedule network shut down and infrastructure upgrades, whilst the SQ4S project manager worked closely with on-site technicians, electrical engineers and the on-roof installation team to complete the entire installation from start to finish in just eight weeks.

The Result

Through experience and a focus on quality equipment, customer care and technical competence, SQ4S was able to offer a unique and specified solution overcoming all potential obstacles.

E Park & Sons Ltd now has more predictable, secure and stable energy supply costs which can be impossible when devising accurate profit and loss forecasts. In addition, they can ensure that they are in a position to meet the requirements of their key customers such as major supermarkets and public sector bodies. These businesses are focusing on ensuring their key suppliers are reducing their carbon footprint – E Park & Sons Ltd are leading the way in working with them to set the standards.

The Solar PV system provides the business with an additional income and savings of around £100,000 per annum which is a significant proportion of the site’s overall electrical running cost.

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